Will Kushida measure up to 205 Live’s Drew Gulak?

Drew Gulak isn’t impressed by “‘Back to the Future’ cosplayer” Kushida: WWE.com Exclusive, May 29, 2019

The Philadelphia Stretcher reveals why he’s laser focused on Kushida and delves into his game plan for tonight’s match against the Japanese sensation.

Judging by Drew Gulak’s ringside scouting of Kushida two weeks ago, it’s safe to say 205 Live’s submission specialist has taken an interest in NXT’s latest blockbuster signee, but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily impressed.

The Philadelphia Stretcher has already disparaged Kushida on social media, describing the Japanese legend as “another overhyped third stringer eating up space.” Kushida’s spotless win-loss record and incredible performances since arriving in NXT suggests otherwise, but that could all change this week when Gulak puts Kushida to the test this week in singles competition. Expect limb-twisting, ligament-tearing submissions aplenty when these two masters of the mat face off.

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