Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly def. Johnny Gargano & Matt Riddle

Johnny Gargano & Matt Riddle vs. Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly: WWE NXT, May 22, 2019

The NXT Champion and The Original Bro join forces to battle Undisputed ERA’s Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

One week after reuniting, Undisputed ERA proved that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts, and that could prove ominous for their opponents at TakeOver: XXV, as it did tonight.

NXT Champion Johnny Gargano & Matt Riddle gelled well in their high-octane match against Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly and had enough firepower to keep the Undisputed ERA tandem on their heels, but they also had two factors working against them. First, Riddle was still visibly suffering the effects of Roderick Strong’s beatdown last week. His heavily taped ribs belied his fighting spirit and gave Fish & O’Reilly a giant bull’s-eye to target.

While Riddle fought through those headwinds, the second factor that spelled trouble for his and Gargano’s dream team — the vigilance of the other Undisputed ERA members not in the match — wasn’t as easy to overcome.

At the height of battle, Riddle nailed Fish with the Final Flash knee strike, but O’Reilly pulled his partner to safety outside the ring. As Riddle gave chase, Adam Cole strode to ringside, only to be taken out by a suicide dive by Gargano. With the referee focused on Gargano and Cole, Riddle was left wide open for another blitz by Strong. The Messiah of the Backbreaker — who, it was confirmed earlier in the night, will face Riddle at TakeOver: XXV — slammed The Original Bro onto the hard ring apron and rolled him into the ring, where Fish & O’Reilly finished the job, thrashing Riddle with a high/low combination for the win.

All four Undisputed ERA members put the boots to Riddle and Gargano after the bell, and Cole clobbered Johnny Champion with the Last Shot. Was tonight’s dominant display by the championship-obsessed ERA a sign of things to come at TakeOver: XXV?

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