Kushida def. Kona Reeves

Kushida vs. Kona Reeves: WWE NXT: May 15, 2019

205 Live’s Drew Gulak scouts the action as NXT’s newest high-profile Superstar battles The Finest. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

With a win over Kassius Ohno under his belt, Kushida went searching for another victory – this time against Kona Reeves in a ground-and-pound matchup that welcomed an appearance by 205 Live’s Drew Gulak, who stood by watching the action. For all the buzz surrounding the newest addition to the black-and-gold brand, Reeves immediately took his opponent to task, putting unparalleled intensity on full display. After sustaining an armbar and hurricanrana from Kushida, Reeves fired back with a scoop slam straight into the middle turnbuckle, which was followed by a series of moves that pumped the brakes of the decorated MMA fighter-turned-Superstar.

However, Reeves’ valiant effort wasn’t enough to put out Kushida. With Gulak watching intently, the former Japanese champion gave the 205 Live mainstay something to behold, striking down on Reeves with seamless offense. After Reeves countered a Hoverboard Lock attempt, Kushida fired back with a handspring attack that sent The Finest bouncing to the outside. Kushida then crashed into him with a diving somersault and rolled Reeves back inside, where he applied the Hoverboard Lock to secure his second consecutive victory. At the stage, Gulak was visibly unimpressed, walking off after the match while seemingly reiterating the message he tweeted after Kushida’s debut weeks ago.

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