Will Ohno spoil Kushida’s debut?

Will Ohno spoil Kushida’s debut?

Since the moment he signed his name to an NXT contract, the buzz surrounding Kushida has spread like kudzu, and for good reason. Though phrases like “hottest free agent” and “blockbuster signing” might be cliché, they apply in the case of Kushida, one of the most decorated, popular and skilled grapplers in modern Japanese wrestling history. If you’ve already seen his exploits around the globe, you know that to be true. If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat.

Kushida’s arrival, however, can’t be considered a total success without a victorious debut, and that’s anything but a far-gone conclusion given his opposition, Kassius Ohno. NXT UK’s Wrestling Genius, who petitioned to be Kushida’s first opponent, is as dangerous and cagey as they come.

Can Kushida prove the hype is real, or will his first night in NXT end with him laid out, staring at the lights?

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