Matt Riddle def. Kona Reeves

Matt Riddle vs. Kona Reeves: WWE NXT, March 27, 2019

The Original Bro deals with an unwanted distraction as he battles NXT's Finest. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Velveteen Dream is a master of mind games, but the NXT North American Champion may have met his match in his TakeOver: New York opponent, the unshakable, unflappable Original Bro.

After Matt Riddle gut-wrench suplexed Kona Reeves during their one-on-one match, The Dream’s music hit, and a purple couch carrying a lounging Dream was rolled onto the entrance stage by two women. The distraction temporarily derailed Riddle, allowing Reeves to pulverize the former UFC fighter with a back suplex and wear him down with a Cobra Clutch, but Riddle soon regained the advantage. The Original Bro made sure The Dream was watching closely before he tore into Reeves with a series of elbow strikes and made NXT’s Finest submit to the Bromission.

Dream then took it upon himself to handle the match announcement from the comfort of his couch, declaring “Matthew” Riddle the victor over the microphone. Unfazed by Velveteen Dream’s antics, Riddle approached the couch, took a chalice from Dream’s hands, took a swig and threw the goblet aside before telling Dream that he’ll see him in New York … “bro.”

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