Gargano and Cole compared their paths to TakeOver: New York’s NXT Championship Match

Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole come face-to-face: WWE NXT, March 27, 2019

Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole contrast the different paths they took to get to the NXT Championship Match at TakeOver: New York. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

ORLANDO, Fla. — As Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole came face-to-face less than two weeks before their bout for the vacant NXT Title at TakeOver: New York, The Undisputed ERA leader claimed to have “a million reasons” why he will leave the Barclays Center as the new champion. Yet, by the time they parted ways, it seemed like only one reason was needed to convey Cole’s true point.

The Panama City Playboy knocked Gargano for his uneven TakeOver record (adding “Johnny Participation” to Gargano’s ever-growing list of monikers) and bragged about his own numerous accomplishments in NXT. Cole then pressed Gargano to justify why he deserves such an NXT Title Match. Johnny Wrestling obliged and rallied the NXT Universe by recounting the many trials and tribulations that have paved the road to the biggest match of his career. Saying the NXT fans “fought for me and I fight for them,” Gargano vowed to finally fulfill his destiny at TakeOver.

Gargano’s speech fired up his supporters, but as Cole retreated up the entrance ramp, he gave one final reason that he’ll be victorious at TakeOver: New York, and out came the rest of The Undisputed ERA. Before dropping the mic, Cole reiterated that the NXT Championship Match on Friday, April 5, will be nothing short of “Undisputed.”

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