North American Dream to The Original Bro: “Dream over”

North American Dream to The Original Bro: “Dream over”

Newly crowned NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream arrived before an electrified Full Sail Live audience to send a special reminder to the NXT Universe: “The Velveteen Dream is your new NXT North American Champion.”

Dream took a moment to relish in his purple reign while standing on top of the NXT announcer’s table. Yet, before he could send out another reminder, Dream was interrupted by Matt Riddle, who hit the stage to share some “real talk” that came in the form of a formal introduction, a congratulation and seemingly a self-appointed nomination to vie for Dream’s coveted championship. “I can’t help but wonder what it would look like around my waist one day, Bro,” Riddle fantasized about the title.

However, Dream burst that bubble when he told Riddle that the spotlight is reserved for the current titleholder, before cutting out the lights on The Original Bro with the snap of a finger and two words: “Dream over.”

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