Ricochet def. Adam Cole

Ricochet vs. Adam Cole: WWE NXT, Feb. 13, 2019

Ricochet and Adam Cole rekindle their rivalry in a match that could have major implications for the NXT North American Title scene. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

With both Superstars looking to make a case for why they deserve to be next in line for an NXT North American Title Match, Ricochet and Adam Cole tore into each other with a sense of urgency befitting their bitter rivalry and championship aspirations.

A rare misstep by Ricochet caused his leg to become entangled in the ropes, and Cole concentrated his attack on the limb for the remainder of the match. Hobbled by Cole’s offensive, The One and Only was repeatedly forced to adjust his game plan. The Undisputed ERA’s frontman, meanwhile, battered The One and Only with one big hit after another, yet Ricochet refused to quit.

After an exchange of strikes left both men fatigued, Ricochet fought through the pain and, in a last-ditch effort, used his one good leg to spring into a top-rope hurricanrana. The second NXT North American Champion in history then obliterated the inaugural champion with an axe kick and a pair of suplexes before drilling Cole with the Vertigo for the three-count.

Instead of celebrating, Ricochet was forced to contend with the other Undisputed ERA members as they rushed the ring. Making his first appearance at Full Sail in weeks, Aleister Black ran in to even the odds but was taken down by a superkick from Cole and Roderick Strong’s End of Heartache.

Even though he may have lost the match, Cole defiantly crowed that “nobody can touch us” as he and the rest of The Undisputed ERA stood tall over the fallen bodies of Ricochet and Black.

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