Matt Riddle def. Drew Gulak

Matt Riddle vs. Drew Gulak: WWE NXT, Feb. 6, 2019

The Original Bro and 205 Live's Philadelphia Stretcher take to the mat in a technical wrestling masterpiece. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Judging by the educated holds and hooks, Matt Riddle presented Drew Gulak the competition he sought. As for the match itself, it was a pure limb-twisting affair. For every move applied by 205 Live’s grappling guru, The Original Bro returned fire with a punishing strike or submission maneuver.

Most of the match was carried by an intense ground-and-pound game that saw both Superstars experimenting the science of limb manipulation, from armbars to cross-face chicken wings. The intensity was raised during the final seconds, when Gulak kicked out of a pinfall following a powerbomb-turned-jaw-crushing knee strike from Riddle. Fired up, Riddle bashed his opponent with elbow strikes before fastening in the Bromission for the win.

While Gulak got his wish, Riddle, too, received his toughest challenge yet as both Superstars effectively pushed each other to their absolute limit. Earning each other's respect in the hard-hitting battle, both Superstars exchanged a post-match handshake.  

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