Velveteen Dream def. Bobby Fish

Velveteen Dream vs. Bobby Fish: WWE NXT, Jan. 23, 2019

Two Superstars who've vowed to win titles in 2019, Velveteen Dream and Undisputed ERA's Bobby Fish, square off in singles competition. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Despite being Undisputed-ly interrupted earlier in the night, Velveteen Dream got his message across – and the last laugh – by handing Undisputed ERA their first loss of the year. But by no means was it easy.

The Experience started things off strong, sending Bobby Fish bouncing in and out of the ring with aerial assaults, including a diving double axe handle from the top turnbuckle that sent him crashing to the floor. As “Vel-ve-teen” chants filled the atmosphere, the momentum soon shifted when Fish wrenched Dream’s knee with a dragon screw leg whip into the ringside barricade. From there, Undisputed ERA’s most dangerous man carried out a series of limb-twisting submission holds to weaken Dream. 

Yet, when the referee caught Adam Cole trying to prevent Dream from forcing a rope break, the distraction allowed Dream to toss Fish into Cole on the outside. Upon Fish returning into the ring, Dream scooped him up for a Dream Valley Driver, and followed it up with a Purple Rainmaker to snare the win.

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