EC3 def. Bobby Fish

EC3 vs. Bobby Fish: WWE NXT, Dec. 12, 2018

EC3 hunts for retribution against Bobby Fish, but when the rest of Undisputed ERA make their presence felt, The Top One Percent receives backup in the form of Heavy Machinery. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

ORLANDO, Fla.   With redemption on the brain, EC3 doubled down on the warning he issued last month and undisputedly came at Bobby Fish in ways the latter couldn’t fathom.

After Fish and his Undisputed ERA comrades opened the show by boasting about their plans for “a decade of undisputed dominance” and a championship-ridden 2019, EC3 stepped in with a rude awakening for the infamous foursome. Going one-on-one against the man responsible for tenderizing his right knee with repeated chair blasts two months back, The Top One Percent returned the favor with a drubbing.

The presence of Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong failed to deter EC3’s laser focus, as he tossed Fish around like a ragdoll. At one point, he landed a thunderous powerbomb on Fish that elicited a “good lord!” response by NXT announcer Nigel McGuiness. But the Undisputed ERA technician wasn’t going down without a fight. With a sixth sense for punishing holds, Fish targeted his opponent’s bandaged right knee to gain leverage – albeit not for long.

Once EC3 bounced back and landed the Namedrop on Fish, the other Undisputed ERA members jumped in with a distraction that left room for Fish to chop-block his opponent’s battered knee. But when Fish attempted to further abuse the injured limb, EC3 mustered enough strength to roll him up for the pinfall – much like he did in his victory over Cole two months ago.

As the Undisputed army attempted to ambush EC3, their new foes Heavy Machinery made a beeline for the ring, hauling a few heavy haymakers. Once the dust settled, EC3 put a lid on his retribution plans with a One Percenter on O’Reilly before Otis Dozovic closed out the melee with the Caterpillar. How’s that for a lasting impression?

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