Lars Sullivan def. Keith Lee

Keith Lee vs. Lars Sullivan: WWE NXT, Nov. 28, 2018

Fists fly as juggernauts Keith Lee and Lars Sullivan throw down in a super-heavyweight clash. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

The squared circle, without doubt, underwent some wear and tear after bearing the brunt of Keith Lee and Lars Sullivan’s slugfest. The larger-than-life forces tossed, tackled and thrashed each other up and down the ring as if it was the gridiron. But for The Rocky Mountain Monster, it’s more like “Lars Sullivan Territory.” Seeking to pump the breaks on Lee’s unstoppable run, Sullivan pulled out one jaw-dropping maneuver after another. At one point, the walking bulldozer clamped on a leaping Lee, who was attempting to jump over the towering Superstar, and charged him right into the turnbuckle before exhaling, “This is Lars Sullivan Territory!”

Lee would have none of it. After surviving a diving headbutt from Sullivan, The Limitless Superstar emerged rejuvenated – thanks to the echoing “Keith Lee” chants – and fired back like a fully loaded cannon. As Sullivan appeared bewildered, Lee rained on his opponent with vicious chops before catching The Freak outside the ring with an incredible flying corkscrew spin.

Hoping to capitalize, Lee then attempted to pull off a flying moonsault on Sullivan back inside the yellow ropes, but he slipped into a Freak Accident instead. The Freak lawn-darted Lee into the canvas with his devastating maneuver, and the pinfall wasn’t far behind.

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