EC3 returns to the ring against Marcel Barthel

EC3 vs. Marcel Barthel

EC3’s career was put in jeopardy last month after a savage gang attack by Undisputed ERA that saw Bobby Fish wreck EC3’s leg with a steel chair. Although such an ambush would be enough to put most ordinary men out of action for months, if not convince them to find an entirely new line of work, The Top One Percent is anything but ordinary.

Now healed and itching for a fight, NXT’s Golden Goose is set to return to action this week against second-generation grappler Marcel Barthel of Germany. EC3 has pledged to come back as a changed man, one that will conquer whoever gets in his way, and demolish anyone and everyone who has ever wronged him. Will Barthel, a technically gifted blue-chipper who is considered among the WWE Performance Center’s best-kept secrets, regret being first up on EC3’s redemption tour?

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