EC3 def. Marcel Barthel

EC3 vs. Marcel Barthel: WWE NXT, Nov. 28, 2018

The Top One Percent returns to action to battle second-generation German grappler Marcel Barthel. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Fully charged and operating at 100 percent, EC3 returned for action this week as “a new man.” As Germany’s own Marcel Barthel put up a fight with his brand of classic European wrestling, EC3 displayed no signs of ring rust as he fought fire with fire. Barthel’s relentless chain of jaw-dropping attacks gave his opponent some early headaches, however, EC3’s brute strength proved to be too much to contain. After nearly flattening Barthel’s face into the middle turnbuckle, The Top One Percent then scooped up the grappler and dropped him with The One Percent to score the win.

Following the dominant display, EC3 issued a stern warning to Undisputed ERA’s Bobby Fish, who savagely attacked The Top One Percent’s leg with a steel chair last month. “You tried to take me out, but the problem was you didn’t finish the job,” he declared, before adding, “I’m going to come at you in ways you cannot comprehend.” With retribution comes rage, and EC3 appears ready to impose both.

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