Lars Sullivan def. Keita Murray

Lars Sullivan def. Keita Murray

It took Lars Sullivan four moves and roughly 30 seconds to dispose of the completely overwhelmed Keita Murray. The Rocky Mountain Monster secured the three-count after trouncing Murray with the Freak Accident.

Although The Freak appears set to expand his warpath outside of the black-and-gold brand, he declared after the match that beatings like the one he gave Murray will continue until Sullivan gets an NXT Championship Match. To underscore that point, he ravaged Murray after the bell with brutal crossfaces, but before he could smash Murray with another Freak Accident, Keith Lee intervened to save the day. As one of the few Superstars in the world who can match Sullivan’s size and strength, Lee sent The Freak flying from the ring with a pounce.

Sullivan and Lee almost came to blows again later in the night in the locker room, prompting NXT General Manager William Regal to announce that the two giants will face off next Wednesday on WWE Network.

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