The Street Profits def. The Mighty

Following a frustrating loss last month, where The Mighty snaked their way to a victory, The Street Profits got a chance at redemption in a testy grudge match. As Shane Thorne & Nick Miller continued to flaunt the gold chains and party cup stolen from The Profits, Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins kept it all-business in their heated matchup. Dawkins started things off, slugging Thorne with haymakers and holding his own against The Mighty’s tandem offense. Once Ford stepped in, the action took flight – literally. Showcasing his incredible agility, Ford torpedoed his opponents with missile dropkicks and a spectacular dive over the top rope.

But taking down Thorne & Miller is no easy task, especially against their underhanded maneuvers. The Profits found themselves in trouble when The Mighty caught Ford on the top rope for an alley-oop superplex. When it looked like a three-count for team Thorne & Miller was imminent, Dawkins rushed in for the save. Ford later capitalized on the momentum, reversing an attempted suplex from Thorne for a gravity-testing frog splash, all while Miller and Dawkins were sprawled outside the ring. By the time the referee hollered “three,” the party was on, as The Profits recovered their goods and celebrated among the NXT Universe. Oh, how The Mighty have fallen.

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