Kassius Ohno def. Justin Xavier

Until Kassius Ohno gets what he wants from NXT General Manager William Regal — i.e., bigger opportunities and higher-quality opponents (especially one unidentified “shiny new toy”) — Ohno continues doing what he does best: knocking opponents senseless. 

Ohno’s latest massacre, a systematic destruction of Justin Xavier, can be viewed as nothing short of a direct message to Regal. As he toyed with the overmatched Xavier, The Knockout Artist brazenly lamented, “This ain’t what I asked for, Regal.” Ohno’s hubris gave Xavier a glimmer of hope, as the youngster attempted to mount an offensive against Ohno, only to find little success. Like a cat that had grown tired of batting around a mouse, The Knockout Artist soon zeroed in on the end game, smothering Xavier with back-to-back sentons before nearly decapitating him with the Rolling Elbow for the win.

Afterward, Nikki Cross emerged on the entrance stage and befuddled Ohno by laughing frantically and cryptically repeating that “he is coming.” Before the end of the night, the entire NXT Universe would find out what she meant.

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