The Mighty def. Street Profits

Street Profits vs. The Mighty: WWE NXT, Sept. 26, 2018

Pride is on the line as Street Profits and The Mighty clash in a heated rematch. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

After absconding with Street Profits’ gold chains and signature party cup last month, The Mighty were all too happy to flaunt their stolen goods, but the all-business Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins weren’t having it. The Curse of Greatness slugged Shane Thorne in the mush to start things off and continued the momentum, staying one step ahead of The Mighty’s double-team offense. He then brought in Ford, who used his insane leaping ability to take out Thorne & Nick Miller with an explosive dive.

The Profits ran into trouble, however, when Thorne dropkicked the steel ring steps into Ford’s leg as it was wedged between the steps and the ring post. From there, The Mighty relentlessly targeted Ford’s bad limb and prevented him from tagging out. Ford fought courageously, and just when he seemed to be within reach of tagging his partner, Miller illegally ran interference, distracting Dawkins. Thorne rolled up Ford seconds later to score the pin for the dubious Aussie action heroes.

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