Kairi Sane def. Vanessa Borne, then agreed to face Shayna Baszler in NXT Women’s Title rematch at WWE Evolution

Vanessa “The Vision” Borne has added to her repertoire since her series of matches against Kairi Sane earlier this year. However, the reigning NXT Women’s Champion still had the reinvented Superstar’s number when they met in non-title action.

Borne showed plenty of attitude as she stomped stomping on The Pirate Princess’ tricorn hat, and used new attacks like a twisting suplex, but Sane wouldn’t be undone. She stopped Borne with a high-angle DDT and soon after took flight with the Insane Elbow, which put Borne down for the count.

Former NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler stomped to the ring after the match and declared that she was invoking her rematch clause, adding that she was going to “drop anchor” on Sane’s title reign. Sane had no problem accepting the challenge, and even named the place: WWE Evolution, the historic all-female pay-per-view that streams live on the award-winning WWE Network on Sunday, Oct. 28.

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