EC3 attacked Lars Sullivan during The Freak’s match against Victor Orchant

Victor Orchant vs. Lars Sullivan: WWE NXT, Sept. 26, 2018

Lars Sullivan's trouncing of Victor Orchant is interrupted by a retribution-minded EC3. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Lars Sullivan may have thought he put his troubles with EC3 behind him when he barraged The Top One Percent in a backstage ambush weeks ago, but it was no such luck for the Rocky Mountain behemoth.

A vengeance-minded EC3 made his presence felt during The Freak’s match tonight against Victor Orchant. The interruption stoked the flames of EC3 and Sullivan’s raging rivalry, but it was also a saving grace for Orchant, who was in the process of being mauled by The Freak when EC3 arrived. After Sullivan threw Orchant clear out of the ring, EC3 ran in and landed shots on the Rocky Mountain monster, ejecting Sullivan from the squared circle. NXT’s “Golden God” then successfully fought off Sullivan’s attempt to return fire, causing The Freak to retreat.

As Sullivan stalked away slowly, a menacing grin overtook his face, suggesting that the methodical monster is already plotting his next move against the lionhearted EC3.

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