Velveteen Dream dubbed Johnny Gargano “Johnny Failure”

Velveteen Dream dubbed Johnny Gargano “Johnny Failure”

ORLANDO, Fla. — Appearing unannounced and for the first time since losing to NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa at TakeOver: Brooklyn IV, Johnny Gargano entered Full Sail Live seemingly a shell of his former self. Still showing the effects of the Last Man Standing Match, in which he dislocated his knee, Gargano used a crutch to walk to the ring, and he arrived without his trademark “Rebel Heart” entrance song.

Despite the NXT fans’ chants of “Johnny Wrestling,” Gargano said he deserved no fanfare. Visibly disheartened, Gargano admitted he made “a lot of mistakes,” said he let his supporters down and conceded that he can’t shake the specter of Ciampa.

NXT General Manager William Regal interrupted Gargano and quickly changed topics to his investigation into Aleister Black’s attack, asking Gargano point-blank if he was involved. Gargano didn’t answer directly, instead telling Regal to look into his eyes to find his answer, at which point Velveteen Dream sauntered into the arena.

Still flying high after his victory against EC3 in Brooklyn, Dream lamented Gargano’s “Woe is Johnny” speech and demanded that attention be paid to The Experience. Clarifying that his crutch was a precautionary measure only, Gargano threw the crutch at Dream, then nearly threw down with The Experience until Regal stopped them. The NXT GM then announced the two would have to wait to settle matters next week, in action on WWE NXT.

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