Dakota Kai def. Aliyah

Dakota Kai vs. Aliyah: WWE NXT, Aug. 29, 2018

The Captain of Team Kick faces The Cat's Meow in singles action. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Dakota Kai isn’t the only Superstar in the NXT Women’s division with newfound confidence. On the heels of her loss to Kairi Sane two weeks ago, Kai’s opponent, Aliyah, looked dangerously aggressive as she battled The Captain of Team Kick.

Though Kai plastered The Cat’s Meow with stomps and kicks from every angle, including consecutive facewashes in the corner, Aliyah remained resilient. She displayed plenty of bad attitude, too, yanking Kai to the canvas by her hair and calling Kai “stupid.” Aliyah’s hubris, caught up to her, however, and as she prematurely celebrated her success, Kai tripped her up and hit her with a flipping backbreaker to score the pin.

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