EC3 one-upped Velveteen Dream as their head games again turned to fisticuffs on the road to TakeOver: Brooklyn IV

Velveteen Dream and EC3 play mind games: Aug. 15, 2018

Velveteen Dream attempts to get inside the head of EC3, his opponent at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

After taking an unexpected (and unwanted) swim during last week’s ill-fated poolside summit with EC3, Velveteen Dream sought to regain the upper hand by trash-talking The Top One Percent days before they square off at TakeOver: Brooklyn IV.

Stating that EC3 had made a critical error by making an enemy out of Dream, the enigmatic Superstar promised to reign victorious this Saturday in Brooklyn. His bold words brought out NXT’s "Golden God," who landed a few cutting remarks of his own (including poking fun at Dream’s fanny back), before inviting Velveteen Dream to throw down on the spot.

Dream appeared game, removing his sunglasses and earrings, but he feigned a shoulder injury as he removed his vest. It was all a plot, of course, as Dream sucker-punched EC3 to gain the advantage. Just as quickly, however, EC3 turned the tables and dropped Velveteen Dream with the One Percent. EC3 has come out on top in his last two confrontations with Velveteen Dream, but will the story be the same this Saturday?

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