Heavy Machinery def. The Mighty

ORLANDO, Fla. — With Tucker Knight back in action after a sneak attack put him on the shelf several weeks ago, Heavy Machinery were looking to score payback against Knight’s presumed assailants, The Mighty.

Once he got into the ring, Knight took out his frustrations on Shane Thorne & Nick Miller, dropping both Mighty members with clotheslines, side slams and a cannonball splash from the ring apron to the floor. The underhanded Australian Superstars gained the advantage when Thorne tripped up Knight, allowing Miller to chop-block the big man’s leg. The Mighty’s powerplay didn’t last long, however, as another team wronged by Thorne & Miller, The Street Profits, stole their attention by holding an impromptu party among the NXT Universe.

The momentary distraction gave Knight the chance to tag in Otis Dozovic, who, along with Knight, promptly smashed Miller with the Compactor to pick up the winning pinfall.

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