The War Raiders def. Ricky Martinez & Justin Storm

The War Raiders def. Ricky Martinez & Justin Storm

The War Raiders’ all-out bombardment of the NXT Tag Team division doesn’t appear to be slowing anytime soon. Try as they might, their opponents this week, Ricky Martinez & Justin Storm, couldn’t muster any true offense against the modern-day Vikings.

After flattening Storm with a knockdown, Rowe dragged Storm’s limp body to the corner and allowed him to tag out, daring Martinez to enter the ring.  Martinez fared no better, his attempted forearm strike bouncing off Rowe’s head like flyswatter slapping a rock. The massacre came to end after War Raiders put down Martinez with a guillotine leg drop/belly-to-back suplex combination.

Post-match, Hanson & Rowe called out The Mighty, who last week declared they can knock off any team in NXT, including War Raiders. Hanson & Rowe then added an exclamation point to their rebuttal, trashing Storm with a frightening pop-up powerslam. 

Will The Mighty regret starting a fight with NXT’s newest and perhaps most menacing duo?

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