Lars Sullivan demolished NXT Champion Aleister Black three days before TakeOver: Chicago II

Lars Sullivan obliterates Aleister Black with the Freak Accident: WWE NXT, June 13, 2018

Lars Sullivan devastates the NXT Champion days before their showdown at NXT TakeOver: Chicago II. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

The last time NXT Champion Aleister Black appeared at Full Sail Live, it ended in misery for The Dutch Destroyer: Lars Sullivan, Black’s challenger this Saturday at TakeOver: Chicago II, not only deflected the champion’s tried-and-true Black Mass, but he put Black down with the Freak Accident.

Tonight was even worse.

Black wasn’t looking for any sympathy in his return to NXT TV. Though he admitted Sullivan’s powerful display had rattled him, Black stated that things will be different this Saturday and that Sullivan will fade to black.

Enter the boulder-shouldered monster from the Rocky Mountains. Sullivan charged the ring, and though he was greeted by Black’s fast-and-furious strikes, he quickly overpowered

The Dutch Destroyer with a nasty lariat. Sullivan then devastated Black with not one, but three Freak Accidents before carrying the champion to the announce area and discarding his body on the desk. Sullivan climbed onto the table, held the NXT Title overhead and declared that the same cruel reality will befall Black in Chicago.

Will Sullivan’s ominous message prove prophetic when these two warriors collide for NXT’s top title this Saturday on WWE Network?

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