Will Tommaso Ciampa finally escape Johnny Gargano once and for all?

Johnny Gargano comes to Tommaso Ciampa's home in the middle of the night: WWE.com Exclusive, March 28, 2018

As first seen on Tommaso Ciampa's Twitter account, Johnny Gargano's pursuit of The Sicilian Psychopath continues in the middle of the night at Ciampa's house!

Johnny Gargano has turned Tommaso Ciampa’s life into a living nightmare. Everywhere that Ciampa goes, Gargano is there waiting and ready to pounce. Johnny Wrestling went incognito to waylay Ciampa on last week’s NXT. He lunged at Ciampa’s car when The Blackheart arrived at the WWE Performance Center over the weekend. He even came knocking on Ciampa’s door in the middle of last night (Gargano’s third night-time ambush in two weeks, according to Ciampa).

Seemingly at the end of his rope, Ciampa plans to meet with the one man who can help him get rid of Gargano once and for all, NXT General Manager William Regal, tonight. Will Regal be a sympathetic audience?

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