Will Tommaso Ciampa dare show up again?

Tommaso Ciampa

Maybe the third time’s the charm?

The last two weeks have not been pleasant for Tommaso Ciampa, who has twice attempted to speak in front of the NXT Universe and twice left without saying a word. The NXT Universe’s reception to the Superstar who cost Johnny Gargano his NXT career has been less than kind. In fact, it’s been downright hostile.

Based on The Sicilian Psychopath's Twitter it appears as though he is going to show up in front of the NXT Universe a third straight week. And, if Ciampa does, in fact, try to address NXT fans again, what will he say? We have yet to hear from disgraced former member of #DIY since he cost his former best friend his NXT career.

Tune in to NXT tonight at 8/7 C on WWE Network to see if Ciampa will in fact be in attendance.

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