Will Pete Dunne respond to Tyler Bate & Trent Seven’s tag team challenge?

Tyler Bate & Trent Seven challenge Pete Dunne to find a tag team partner: WWE.com Exclusive, Nov. 22, 2017

After his title defense against Johnny Gargano, WWE U.K. Champion Pete Dunne receives a tag team challenge from fellow U.K. Superstars Tyler Bate & Trent Seven.

As the reigning and defending United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne is the oft-scowling face of WWE’s ever-evolving U.K. roster. The BruiserWeight’s successful (and thrilling) title defense last week against Johnny Gargano earned him props from fellow Englishmen Tyler Bate & Trent Seven, but that doesn’t mean Moustache Mountain are exactly overjoyed with Dunne’s behavior of late.

After reminding Dunne that he left U.K. Superstar Wolfgang high and dry during an altercation with The Undisputed ERA in September, Bate & Seven challenged Dunne to find a partner and face them in a “British strong style” Tag Team Match. Will the ruthless BruiserWeight — who has made no bones about trying to get ahead at others’ expense — even be able to find a Superstar who trusts him enough to call him "teammate"?

Find out tonight when WWE NXT streams live on the award-winning WWE Network at 8/7 C.

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