Danny Burch vs. Lars Sullivan

WWE NXT photo

Danny Burch is one of the toughest Superstars to step inside the squared circle, but that representation will be put to the test when he faces the monstrous Lars Sullivan in a head-to-head showdown tonight on NXT. 

Two weeks ago, Oney Lorcan – another extremely tough competitor in his own right – battled Sullivan to no avail. When the behemoth looked to continue his attack on the Boston native after the bell, Burch pulled Lorcan to safety.

The United Kingdom Superstar now has an opportunity to try and topple the so-far impenetrable Sullivan. An East London native who incorporates British strong style into his offense, Burch is a 14-year veteran whose European uppercuts and right cross could break through a brick wall. However, can it take down the 6-foot-3, 303-pound Sullivan?

See if Burch can prevail against his gigantic foe, or if Sullivan’s path of destruction will continue, tonight at 8/7C on WWE Network.

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