Party-starter meets one-man wrecking crew

No Way Jose vs. Lars Sullivan

No Way Jose might have a reputation of a fun-loving partier, but that doesn’t mean he won’t throw down with the biggest dog in the yard, Lars Sullivan.

Trouble has been brewing between the two Superstars for many weeks, starting in Brooklyn when Jose’s infectious entrance music triggered Sullivan and caused the mountainous brawler to attack Jose from behind.

Jose proved his willingness to step toe-to-toe with Sullivan when he socked the mountainous Superstar in the face two weeks ago after Sullivan had decimated three competitors in a Handicap Match. Though Jose landed the first shot in that instance, Sullivan left Jose down on the canvas when all was said and done.

Will the same be true tonight when the two gladiators get set to battle in a sanctioned match? Watch NXT on WWE Network at 8/7 C to find out!

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