The BruiserWeight returns in U.K. tag team showcase

Pete Dunne & Wolfgang vs. Tyler Bate & Trent Seven

Anytime the Superstars of WWE’s United Kingdom roster are in action, it’s appointment television.

The last time that 23-year-old Pete Dunne and 20-year-old Tyler Bate were in the ring together, at TakeOver: Chicago, they made history. The BruiserWeight won Bate’s U.K. Title in a match that later declared the best of the half-year. Bate likely cares less about the critical praise and more about regaining the crown. 

He’ll try to make the case for why he deserves that opportunity when he and Dunne go back at it tonight. This time, however, they won’t be alone.

Dunne teams with Wolfgang, the burly Scotsman who, aftercoming up short in a U.K. Title Fatal 4-Way Match last month in Scotland, doubled down on his promise to win the U.K. Championship. How that ambition will factor into his partnership with Dunne remains to be seen.

Bate partners with Trent Seven to create a unit that is known the world over as Moustache Mountain. The veteran Seven was also in last month’s Fatal 4-Way Match, and like Wolfgang, he wants to reinsert himself into the U.K. Title picture.

Don’t miss the next chapter of WWE’s U.K. Championship division when The BruiserWeight & Wolfgang collide with Moustache Mountain tonight, only on WWE Network.

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