Ruby Riot def. Billie Kay

Ruby Riot vs. Billie Kay: WWE NXT, Aug. 16, 2017

After being the target of The Iconic Duo's mockery, Ruby Riot looks for retribution against Billie Kay. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Ruby Riot had a personal score to settle with Billie Kay after Kay and Peyton Royce mocked Riot’s tattoos and ear piercings last week behind her back. The aggrieved Riot fired into action and, after a series of rapid-fire pin attempts that caught Kay flat-footed, gave her opponent a taste of her own medicine, taking a moment to poke fun at The Iconic Duo’s patented manner of finger-pointing.

Kay shot back, slamming Riot and trying to wear her down with a submission move before Riot broke free and dropkicked the Australian Superstar. Riot followed up with Deadly Nightshade in the corner and a wind-up Pele kick for the win.

Even though Riot was victorious, Royce grabbed a microphone and called Riot a “gross, tattered loser,” saying she would never be “iconic” like Royce and Kay.

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