Roderick Strong interjected himself into Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre’s conflict

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NXT Champion Bobby Roode and his TakeOver: Brooklyn III challenger Drew McIntyre met face-to-face in the middle of the ring in what turned out to be a drama-filled affair.

Perhaps proving to be clairvoyant, The Glorious One, who claimed Roderick Strong was after him, showed up with his own security detail.

It didn’t take long for Roode and McIntyre’s verbal throwdown to get heated, as the NXT Champion proudly affirmed his entitlement, once again declaring the black-and-yellow brand as “My NXT!”

The challenger couldn’t hide his surprise at the titleholder’s massive ego, but the escalating confrontation would be interrupted by Strong before the encounter turned physical.

Strong was determined to exact payback for Roode disrespecting his fiancé and family, much to the chagrin of General Manager William Regal, who wasn’t about to have his TakeOver: Brooklyn III main event thrown off track.

Roode came up with an idea that seemed to appease everyone, even Regal. Next week on NXT — just three days before TakeOver: Brooklyn III — Strong will battle McIntyre in a head-to-head showdown. If Strong can defeat the Scottish Superstar, then he will get his match against Roode at a future date.

Either way, the NXT Universe is still abuzz for the much-anticipated NXT Title Match between Roode and McIntyre on Saturday, Aug. 19, at TakeOver: Brooklyn III.

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