Will NXT Champion Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre’s conversation lead to fireworks?

NXT Champion Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre come face-to-face tonight

Two weeks before they battle at TakeOver: Brooklyn III, NXT Champion Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre have a face-to-face meeting tonight at 8/7 C on WWE Network.

Since earning the right to challenge NXT Champion Bobby Roode at Takeover: Brooklyn III, Drew McIntyre hasn’t held back in his appraisal of the titleholder, declaring that The Glorious One is “entitled.” The undefeated Scot says he should know a false sense of entitlement when he sees it, too, since he was once the same way, before a soul-searching sojourn around the world changed him for the better.

Roode’s initial response was surprisingly tempered: Accepting that, perhaps, McIntyre is in fact a changed man, the boastful champion proposed that he and his challenger meet tonight in the middle of the ring for a conversation.

Will the TakeOver opponents simply agree to disagree about Roode’s behavior as their title showdown nears? Or might The Glorious One — who, as Roderick Strong knows all too well, has a way of slinging insults, no matter how cruel or unwarranted — give McIntyre even more motivation heading into Brooklyn? Find out tonight when NXT streams on the award-winning WWE Network at 8/7 C.

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