What’s next for Hideo Itami and Kassius Ohno?

What’s next for Hideo Itami and Kassius Ohno?

Ever since Hideo Itami’s post-TakeOver: Chicago tirade that caught the ire of the rest of the NXT locker room, the Japanese Superstar’s relationship with Kassius Ohno has been on shaky ground.

Itami and Ohno at one point appeared to make amends, but the former No. 1 contender’s unnecessary and offensive use of multiple GTSes to Oney Lorcan once again angered Ohno.

After NXT’s Knockout Artist lost a closely contested match against the undefeated Aleister Black last week, cameras caught Itami telling Ohno to brush off the loss. Ohno didn’t seem to take the gesture as a sincere one, making us wonder if these two are just destined to let their fists (and knees, elbows and feet) do the talking. Can Itami and Ohno make amends, or will tension between these immense talents finally boil over?

Then there’s the somewhat-forgotten Superstar in all of this. Oney Lorcan is not the type of person to let an injustice such as Itami’s ruthless GTS parade go without a fight. The Bostonian has made it clear he despises bullies, having stood up for others against their tormenters. Will Lorcan look for retribution against Itami?

See what’s next for three of NXT’s hardest-hitting Superstars, tonight on NXT.

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