Sonya Deville def. Rachel Evers

Sonya Deville vs. Rachel Evers: WWE NXT, June 21, 2017

MMA fighter-turned-NXT Superstar Sonya Deville shows off her combat skills against Rachel Evers. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Sonya Deville loves a good fight, but as much as Rachel Evers wanted to give her one, Deville just wouldn’t let it happen. The MMA fighter-turned-NXT Superstar dominated Evers from the opening bell, kicking her in the corner, sliding a knee into her back and dropping her with a thud on a double-leg takedown. Evers squeaked out a punch to the face, but it only seemed to annoy Deville. “You messed up,” Deville roared before firing uppercuts to Evers’s stomach and cinching in a double wristlock for the submission victory.

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