Killian Dain def. No Way Jose

No Way Jose vs. Killian Dain: WWE NXT, June 7, 2017

No Way Jose returns to action against SAnitY's super-heavyweight bruiser, Killian Dain. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

No Way Jose had retribution in mind as he faced Killian Dain in this long-brewing grudge match. Competing on WWE Network for the first time since SAnitY ambushed him two months ago, Jose showed no ring rust and even less fear as he stood toe-to-toe with the 300-pound bruiser.

In the end, it didn’t matter: The Beast of Belfast had already been unleashed.

So confident was SAnitY in Dain’s method of destruction that Eric Young & Alexander Wolfe left ringside before the match began, allowing Dain to fight solo — a rare move any time a member of SAnitY is in action.

No Way Jose didn’t go without a fight, of course. The popular Superstar withstood much of Dain’s powerful offense and fired back in kind, dropping the monster with a huge TKO. As Jose wound up for his big right hand, however, Dain cracked him with a headbutt and then a sternum-shattering dropkick before polishing him off with the Ulster Plantation. With the statement-making triumph, Killian Dain reminded all of NXT that SAnitY is as dangerous as ever.

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