Tommaso Ciampa explained his TakeOver: Chicago betrayal

Tommaso Ciampa reveals why he betrayed Johnny Gargano: WWE NXT, May 31, 2017

Tommaso Ciampa explains why he ended #DIY at NXT TakeOver: Chicago, injuring former partner Johnny Gargano in the process. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

ORLANDO, Fla. — After betraying his best friend and #DIY tag team partner Johnny Gargano at TakeOver: Chicago, Tommaso Ciampa walked down to the ring on NXT with the help of crutches. The NXT Universe chanted “Why, Ciampa, why?” and let the former NXT Tag Team Champion know how they felt as he contemplated what to say about his callous actions less than two weeks prior.

Ciampa took aim at NXT fans for having the audacity to dream up potential tag team partners for Gargano after rumors circulated that an injury suffered by Ciampa the day before TakeOver was going to keep him out of action.

The unforgiving Superstar went on to explain that he injured his knee during the NXT Tag Team Title Ladder Match against The Authors of Pain. Ciampa rationalized that if given the opportunity to replace him, Gargano would have done that, just like the NXT fans wanted to do before TakeOver.

Whether you believe Ciampa’s theory, he acted on it and turned TakeOver: Chicago into his moment. More than that, Ciampa made sure his “brother” would have to go away for a long time, just like he knew he was going to have to do because of his own injured knee.

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