Nikki Cross def. Macey Estrella

Macey Estrella vs. Nikki Cross: WWE NXT, March 15, 2017

NXT newcomer Macey Estrella faces SAnitY's most unhinged member, Nikki Cross. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

NXT newcomer Macey Estrella was given a chance to showcase her skills inside the ring, but unfortunately, she had to do it against Nikki Cross. Estrella didn’t even have a chance to breathe after the bell rang, as the crazed Cross delivered a barrage of forearms to the blond beauty.

Estrella showed some serious moxie by coming back at Cross with her own vicious strike, but alas the move only seemed to anger the Scottish Superstar more.

The unhinged Cross proceeded to hit six swinging neckbreakers before finally pinning Estrella for the win. SAnitY would have no time to celebrate, though, as Tye Dillinger and No Way Jose rushed the ring to pay back their adversaries for last week’s attack on Roderick Strong. However, The Perfect 10 and his fiesta-loving cohort  couldn’t overcome the numbers disadvantage as SAnitY left them laid out in the middle of the ring.

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