Will The Ealy Brothers get payback on The Authors of Pain?

The Ealy Brothers challenge The Authors of Pain: WWE.com Exclusive, March 8, 2017

After suffering a vicious blindside attack at the hands of The Authors of Pain, Gabriel & Uriel Ealy issue a challenge to Akam & Rezar for next week on NXT.

Last week, towering twins Gabriel & Uriel Ealy were about to enter the ring for a battle with two-time NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival, only for the current titleholders, The Authors of Pain, to dish out a devastating beatdown.

Later that night, The Ealys issued a challenge to Akam & Rezar for a throwdown tonight on NXT. Will the champions pick up where they left off, or can The Ealy Brothers shut down Paul Ellering’s pair of monsters?

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