Bobby Roode’s Glorious NXT Championship Celebration set the tone for a new era of NXT

Bobby Roode's Glorious NXT Championship Celebration: WWE NXT, Feb. 8, 2017

NXT Champion Bobby Roode lays out his vision for the future of NXT in this celebration of his glorious victory at TakeOver: San Antonio. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Fresh off his victory over Shinsuke Nakamura at TakeOver: San Antonio, newly crowned NXT Champion Bobby Roode reveled in his moment, rubbing it in that he had proven himself right in Texas. The Glorious One declared his win the greatest moment in NXT history.

Roode went on to claim that now, the tagline isn’t “We Are NXT,” as it’s now Bobby Roode’s NXT, and Bobby Roode’s NXT will be “glorious!”


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