Eric Young def. Chris Atkins

Eric Young vs. Chris Atkins: WWE NXT, Jan. 25, 2017

The unhinged leader of SAnitY looks to tune up before his TakeOver: San Antonio showdown with Tye Dillinger. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Just days before his TakeOver: San Antonio showdown with Tye Dillinger, Eric Young tuned up for battle by facing Chris Atkins. Though the leader of SAnitY gave up the size difference to the 265-pound prospect from the WWE Performance Center, he made up for it in ferocity. Young took advantage of a brief distraction from his chaotic crew and began pummeling Atkins to the mat, taking time to mock Dillinger along the way.

Young picked up the victory with a vicious wheelbarrow neckbreaker, then grabbed the microphone to address The Perfect 10. SAnitY’s ringleader let Dillinger know that he made the wrong choice in turning down his offer of membership, before unleashing his newest charge, the monstrous Killian Dain, on Atkins. Is that the fate that awaits Tye Dillinger this Saturday in San Antonio?

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