Asuka and Bayley signed their NXT Women’s Championship Match contract

Bayley and Asuka sign their contract for TakeOver: Brooklyn II: WWE NXT, Aug.10, 2016

The NXT Women's Championship Match for TakeOver: Brooklyn II is made official, as Asuka and Bayley sign the contract for their huge rematch. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

The NXT Women’s Championship Match at TakeOver: Brooklyn II, between reigning champion Asuka and her challenger, Bayley, was made official in an emotional and intense contract signing. Both competitors signed on the dotted line, but not until after a heated exchange that included the challenger shunning the titleholder’s sign of respect.

Bayley’s refusal to extend her hand riled up the usually calm Asuka, but The Empress of Tomorrow regained her composure amid a tense staredown with the No. 1 contender. The contract signing, although absent of physicality beyond a shoulder bump from Bayley to Asuka, proved to be rife with mind games. In the end, Asuka made the final statement by raising her title up high in the face of her determined rival.

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