Rhyno confronted NXT Champion Samoa Joe

Rhyno confronts Samoa Joe: WWE NXT, July 13, 2016

Making his first appearance since NXT TakeOver: The End..., NXT Champion Samoa Joe runs into an unruly Rhyno. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

For the first time since successfully defending the NXT Championship against Finn Bálor at NXT TakeOver: The End…, Samoa Joe addressed the NXT Universe and the titleholder didn’t pull any punches.

The intense Superstar reminded everyone that he has already “slayed The Demon” and The King of Strong Style will suffer a similar fate if he attempts to capture his title. The self-proclaimed “new face of NXT” defiantly declared that anyone hoping to get to the top must go through him. This prompted Rhyno to come out and challenge Joe right then and there. The NXT Champion thought better of getting into it with The Man Beast, instead deciding to walk away. Rhyno will get his chance to Gore his way to the top of NXT’s food chain; however, as it was announced that he will face Joe next week on NXT!

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