No Way Jose def. Josh Woods

Austin Aries ruins No Way Jose's dance party: WWE NXT, June 22, 2016

No Way Jose runs into Austin Aries, who has a cruel way of thanking Jose for trying to cheer him up. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

The positively infectious No Way Jose returned to the ring this week, looking to continue his undefeated streak against Josh Woods, an amateur wrestler with MMA experience. Woods tried to knock Jose out with a series of vicious elbows, but there was no stopping the fiesta, as Jose rallied and put Woods away with his patented cobra clutch slam to keep his record unblemished, allowing him to get back to dancing.

However, Jose’s party was cut short by Austin Aries. Backstage before his match, No Way Jose tried to cheer up “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” in the aftermath of his loss to Nakamura at TakeOver, reminding him that NXT should be fun. Aries seemed to take Jose’s message to heart, thanking Jose and shaking his hand. Somewhat reluctantly, Aries joined Jose for a dance party, loosening up as they boogied their way to the announcer’s table. However, the mood turned sour as they danced atop Tom Phillips and Corey Graves’ desk, when Aries clobbered Jose with a discus elbow. A furious Aries battered No Way Jose back to ringside and up the steel ramp. Not satisfied, Aries locked on the Last Chancery on the ramp, sending a message to Jose and the rest of the NXT roster that Austin Aries is all business.

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