Nia Jax def. Bayley

For the first time since TakeOver: London, Bayley squared off with Nia Jax. The former NXT Women’s Champion once again showed no fear, going right after her much larger opponent. That looked to be paying off for Bayley early on, as she trapped Jax in a sleeper hold and sought to wear Nia down. However, the difference in power was too much for Bayley to overcome in the opening moments, as Jax hurled her around the ring with ease.

Jax continued to assert her dominance and overpower Bayley. The former NXT Women’s Champion seemed to succeed when she could create space, eventually slamming Jax’s head into the turnbuckles, but Nia returned the favor when she caught her, launching Bayley face-first into the corner.

The towering Jax focused her attack on Bayley’s left arm, slamming it into the turnbuckles, headbutting it and wrenching away on it with a sadistic smile. Nia tried to squeeze the life out of her rival, but there was seemingly no stopping the resilient Bayley. The former champion battled back, stunning Jax and sending her to the arena floor.

The battle to counter Jax’s power caught up with Bayley, as she struggled to get up with an injured left knee. Nia took advantage, crushing Bayley in the corner and following up with a devastating leg drop to the back of Bayley’s head to earn an impressive victory.

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