Finn Bálor def. Elias Samson

Finn Bálor vs. Elias Samson:  WWE NXT, May 11, 2016

After Elias Samson insulted him earlier in the evening, Finn Bálor gets his hands on The Drifter in this week's main event. Plus, William Regal announces the main event for the next NXT TakeOver. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

After suffering through Samson’s mockery earlier in the night, Bálor was eager to get his hands on The Drifter in the main event. The Demon wasted no time in going after NXT’s resident songster, forcing Samson to retreat to ringside and regroup.

The Drifter soon took control of the bout, going after the heavily taped shoulder of Bálor. But with the NXT Universe behind him, Finn rallied and got his second wind, stunning Samson with a running kick on the ring apron, followed by the Sling Blade and the devastating DDT he calls 1916 to win the match.

With Samson silenced for the night, Bálor got to say what he’d wanted to say all night: He wants his NXT Championship rematch! The Demon said he’s obsessed with getting the title back and will stop at nothing to do just that. Samoa Joe quickly arrived to say that Bálor did not deserve a rematch. Much to the champion’s chagrin, NXT General Manager William Regal came out to announce that Bálor will get his rematch at NXT TakeOver on Wednesday, June 8! The Demon answered by diving over the ropes — and Regal — onto Joe at ringside. Bálor grabbed the NXT Title and told Joe to enjoy being champion while it lasts, because it won’t last for long. Will The Demon make good on his promise at TakeOver in four weeks?

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