WWE NXT results - Oct. 30, 2014: Sami Zayn tries to take down Titus O'Neil, tag teams battle for title opportunity

Sami Zayn vs. Titus O'Neil: WWE NXT, Oct. 30, 2014

Sami Zayn continues on his road to redemption when he squares off with "The Real Deal" Titus O'Neil inside the NXT ring.

ORLANDO, Fla. Sami Zayn was out to continue along his road to redemption this week on NXT, but standing in his way was a huge roadblock, in the form of Titus O’Neil. Could the fiery French-Canadian get vengeance for his crushing loss to Titus and move on toward the NXT Championship?

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The Vaudevillains win an NXT Tag Team Championship No. 1 Contenders’ Battle Royal
Five tag teams were fighting for a title opportunity in this Battle Royal. In order for a team to be eliminated from the bout, only one member had to be thrown over the top rope and have both feet touch the arena floor.

Though The Ascension eliminated every other team in the bout, Hideo Itami ended Konnor & Viktor’s championship dreams, making his presence felt and giving Aiden English & Simon Gotch an opening to dump the monsters and earn a future title opportunity! After the bout, Itami rushed to battle his monstrous rivals, but the numbers game caught up with the Japanese sensation once again, as The Ascension left him lying after a vicious attack. Later that night, a furious Itami vowed that if Konnor & Viktor want a fight, he will bring a friend next week!

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WWE NXT results - Oct. 30, 2014: Sami Zayn tries to take down Titus O'Neil, tag teams battle for title opportunity
Carmella def. Emma
The self-proclaimed “Princess of Staten Island” faced her first true test in NXT, in the form of main roster Diva Emma. Carmella showed no fear in the face of a veteran opponent, taking the fight right to Emma. Though she had fun at her inexperienced opponent’s expense, Emma soon fell victim to Carmella’s vicious submission hold and had no choice but to tap out.

Bull Dempsey def. Justin Gabriel
NXT’s Wrecking Ball was ready for destruction this week as he took on Justin Gabriel. Though The Cape Town Werewolf tried to stick and move to evade his foe’s attack, Dempsey bulldozed Gabriel and pummeled him into the canvas. Bull scaled the ropes and hit a diving headbutt to seal the victory.

Baron Corbin def. Tony Briggs
The stoic Baron Corbin made quick work of yet another opponent this week. With the NXT Universe keeping time, Corbin connected with the devastating End of Days and picked up the win in less than 20 seconds!

WWE NXT results - Oct. 30, 2014: Sami Zayn tries to take down Titus O'Neil, tag teams battle for title opportunity
Marcus Louis def. Sylvester Lefort
After losing his hair because of his former partner’s cowardice, Marcus Louis wasted little time in getting his hands on Sylvester Lefort. As he soundly defeated his former friend with a devastating slam, the frightening words Louis screamed echoed throughout the arena: “You did this to me!” 

Sami Zayn def. Titus O’Neil
The resilient Sami Zayn did not back down against the much larger foe he lost to several weeks ago. In fact, Zayn traded blows with the huge O’Neil, until Titus connected with several crushing strikes, dazing the French-Canadian and allowing Titus to impose his will.

Though Titus muscled him around the ring with ease, Zayn refused to stay down. The fiery phenom found a second wind, battling back to his feet and hurling Titus into the turnbuckles with an exploder suplex, leaving him in perfect position for the Helluva Kick to win the match.

While Zayn was able to move past Titus O’Neil on his road to redemption, there is still plenty standing between him and the NXT Title. After the bout, Zayn was confronted by Tyler Breeze, who said that if Zayn really wants to be NXT Champion, he’ll have to go through Prince Pretty. The rematch from TakeOver in May has been made by NXT GM William Regal for next week! Can Zayn overcome the Superstar who defeated him to become No. 1 Contender?

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