Sasha Banks: The Boss’ time to shine

Sasha Banks: The Boss’ time to shine

The once-powerful trio of Charlotte, Summer Rae and Sasha Banks is no more. As the WWE Universe has witnessed on NXT, the BFFs have all gone their separate ways. Charlotte reigns supreme as the NXT Women’s Champion, and Summer Rae has transcended her notoriety from Raw and SmackDown to leap onto the silver screen with “The Marine 4.” But what about Sasha Banks? The cornerstone of the BFFs has found herself on a singular path in the pursuit of success. This week, The Boss sits down with to discuss the BFFs, her future and NXT. Some of her comments may surprise you!

WWE.COM: What are your honest feelings about the breakup of the BFFs?

SASHA BANKS: I'm glad to be rid of them. They were like leeches, living off of my hard work. I'm the one who put in all of the hours, all of the blood, sweat and tears that made the BFFs the dominant group we were, and they're the ones who received all the glory. It's about time I grabbed that shine for myself.

WWE.COM: What are your thoughts on Charlotte’s reign as NXT Women's Champion?

SASHA: Bravo for her. I’m happy she’s got something to fool herself into believing that she’s the best around here. But if I have anything to say about it, she won't have that championship for long.

WWE.COM: What about Summer Rae?

SASHA: What about her? Every time I hear about something new that Summer has thrown her way, I feel like the knife she left in my back is sliding deeper. She fed me all this nonsense about how siding with her would lead to all of those same opportunities for myself, yet nothing has come of it. She just used my talents to get herself ahead. Personally, if I were Layla, I'd be sleeping with my eyes open.

WWE.COM: With all due respect, some critics have said you've been in the shadow of Summer and Charlotte.

SASHA: And just who are these critics? Have they walked in my shoes? Do they know what I’m all about? It’s really easy to sit behind a computer screen and critique something or someone you know nothing about. You wanna call it living in their shadows? I call it striking at the right moment. This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, and all those same haters are gonna be kissing the ground I walk on sooner than later.

WWE.COM: So just who, exactly, is Sasha Banks?

SASHA: I'm the Diva that's going to change the whole division. I'm the one that everyone will be paying to see. I'm a B.O.S.S.: Built On Self-Success.

WWE.COM: What are your thoughts on the landscape of the Divas division in both NXT and WWE?   

SASHA: Currently, it feels like there's this divide. You're either a “Total Diva” or a regular Diva.The WWE Universe deserves better than that. They deserve a superstar Diva; one that shines in the same light as John Cena or Daniel Bryan. That's exactly what I aim to become.

WWE.COM: Why do you feel that you're the top Diva on NXT?

SASHA: Do I really need to explain myself? Just look at me. Look at what I bring to the table. When I walk onto that stage, the crowd knows that I'm on a level that's above them. And when I step between the ropes, I prove it time and time again.

WWE.COM: What is something people don't realize about you?

SASHA: People get my past twisted. They think that just because I'm Snoop Dogg's cousin, I grew up with money and that I got handed this opportunity. That couldn't be further from the truth. I didn't have money growing up, and I didn't have the opportunities people think I did. When I was little, I used to wake up at 6:30 with my mom and argue with homeless people over empty cans just so I could have enough money to buy tickets to wrestling. I've fought tooth and nail for every bit of success I've ever felt, and never once phoned in for a favor. Maybe I should have. Maybe it was naive of me not to. Either way, I didn't. And I know I'm a much stronger person for it.

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